Show Tweets on Web Pages with Ptwix

Ptwix is a PHP/AJAX web component to show tweets on web pages. With ptwix people can follow your twitter account directly in your site.


Customizable themes

Choose form tree standard themes and customize it, change images and stylesheet is really easy.

Asynchronous update

On click on update button ptwix make asynchronous update of messages

Easy configuration

You can set options like dimension and timeline type directly from code.

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5+ Steps to Speed up your Website

Here are some innocent tips and tricks to get your website to load faster behind the scenes. Most of them are either simply good practice or tools to help you out along the way. If you have any more ways to speed up your site leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

1. Valid Code


Valid code means that browser doesn’t have to make, create and merge your code to make it work. A page with the correct DOCTYPE and structure will render quicker within the browser, it also helps with browser compatibility.

XHTML and HTML Validator –

CSS Validator –

2. Reduce the HTTP Requests


As well as the time it takes to download a file off the server it also takes time to request the file, so the less actual requests you make the faster it will be. A brilliant example of this is CSS sprites which combine multiple images into one and use the CSS background property to only show the portion of the image you require.

A Guide to Reducing HTTP Requests –

CSS Sprites Tutorial –

CSS Sprite Generator –

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How To Open 2 Gmail accounts with the same Firefox Version

Here’s the trick below to open multiple gmail accounts with the same version of firefox.

  1. Open the Run dialog. In linux, press Alt+F2. On Windows, press WinKey+R.
  2. In the dialog box, type “firefox -p -no-remote”. This will bring up firefox’s profiles dialog box.
  3. Click on “Create Profile” and follow the wizard. Lets assume you named the profile as “gmail2“.
  4. Now close the dialogs and return to desktop.

Now, open the Run dialog again. In the dialog box, type “firefox -p gmail2 -no-remote“.

“-no-remote” option is very important because it creates an isolated session that is different from the currently open firefox windows of other profiles. If -no-remote option is not given, then a new window of the currently running profile or the default profile is opened, where session sharing happens (which we don’t want).

Now, since sessions aren’t shared between different profiles, you can open two accounts and happily have them.

.htaccess Tricks and Hacks every webmaster must know

The .htaccess files (Hypertext Access file) is a very powerful configuration tool on Apache web server. The Apache web server has a number of configuration options that are available to the server administrator. The .htaccess is a simple ASCII text file placed in your website root directory. You can create and edit an .htaccess file using a text editor like notepad.

As a configuration file .htaccess if a very powerful and a slight syntax error can result in a severe malfunction of your server. So to avoid that always try to keep a backup copies of all your files from the server before working with the .htaccess file.

1. Creating a custom error page with .htaccess on a linux apache is a very simple task. Using you a text editor like notepad you create an .htaccess files. Custom error pages give your website an professional look and catch those visitors who reach your website following a back link.

ErrorDocument 401 /error/401.php
ErrorDocument 403 /error/403.php
ErrorDocument 404 /error/404.php
ErrorDocument 500 /error/500.php

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5 basic steps to protect your hosting server

its very important to protect our website . so i thought to share this steps. here is some advices to follow….

1. Config your php.ini

safe_mode = On [This is optional, many open sources applications will not run properly]
fopen = Off
disable_functions = “apache_get_modules, apache_get_version, apache_getenv, apache_note, apache_setenv, disk_free_space, diskfreespace, dl, highlight_file, ini_alter, ini_restore, openlog, passthru, proc_nice, shell_exec, show_source, system”

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How to find secret web site pages and content

Web site owner hide their webpages using commands in Robots.txt.Robots.txt is a text file which is located in the root directory of a site.It is used to control webpages  indexed by a robot,ie. you can disallow a particular web page or content to be spidered from search engine robots. By using ‘disallow‘ word you can block any URL of your blog from  reaching search engines.

We will take the help of Robots.text file to see the hidden web site pages and content
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How to Use Gmail Labels as Folders?

Many of the internet users(including my friends) opt for Yahoo mail because it contains Folders.

Actually Gmail Labels provides more functionality than Yahoo Mails Folders. Gmail allows you to put emails into Labels or both Inbox and Label.

Here is how you can set Labels as Folders:

  • Go Under Settings Tab.
  • Choose Labels Tab and Create a New Label ( I used Google).


  • Now go under Filter Tab and Click on Create a filter


  • Choose your Filter criteria(I choose Has the Words :Google)
  • Click on Next.
  • Mark the BoxSkip the Inbox(Archive it) and Apply the Label Google


You can also take mails already in your Inbox to Label with criteria you have mentioned above.


Now your Labels are not just labels but are Folders too.

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