How To Add Floating Social Media Buttons To WordPress Blog Without Any Plugin

One of the best ways to get more exposure and more traffic to your blog posts is via Social Networking Websites. Social Networking Websites can easily boost your traffic. Users will easily share your posts on Social sites like Facebook, Digg, Twitter and StumbleUpon if you add social media buttons to your blog posts.

These days most of the bloggers are adding floating social media buttons to their blog posts. Floating buttons stay on a fixed position even if you scroll down or up the page which gives your blog readers the more flexibility to easily share your posts.

In this tutorial you will learn How to add these floating icons to your WordPress blog.

Have a look at the screenshot below:

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Some Essential MySQL Queries

Here”s a list of queries that I found myself using very often and that save me a lot of development time. I hope you can benefit from them as well

.1. Create a quick backup

Before testing a new piece of code you suspect might mess up data in one or more tables it”s always a good practice to create a backup. To quickly create a backup copy of a table, use this query:


The query creates a table backup which is a copy of the original table and includes both structure and content.

2. Create/change/restore a password

Many applications store MD5-crypted passwords in the database. If you want to quickly create a new MD5-ed password, or you have forgotten your password, use the following query to get a new one:

SELECT MD5(“somepasshere”);

This statement will give you “b5bab206cc8002bf7c10d47b24a2d0e6″ which is the encrypted version of the string “somepasshere”. There are other function that crypt stings in MySQL using different algorithms, most notably PASSWORD() which is using MySQL”s own crypting algorithm.

3. Toggle a value

If you have a field that stores a Boolean type of value, like 0/1 or yes/no, you can easily toggle the value with one if-statement:

UPDATE sometable SET flag=(IF(flag=”no”,”yes”,”no”));

4. Find/replace

Say you want to update a piece of text if all records in a table field. REPLACE() comes to the rescue:

UPDATE sometable SET field = REPLACE(field, “black”,”white”);

This statement will replace all occurrences of the string “black” with the string “white” in all records of the “field” column. Apart from the string “white” the rest of the text contained in the field will be left as is.

5. Get a random record

If you want to select a random row in your table, you can use the statement:


6. Upper/lower case

If you want to modify a value and make it upper or lowercase, use the UPPER or LOWER functions, like this:

SELECT LOWER(“Value”); // gives you “value”

SELECT UPPER(“Value”); // gives you “VALUE”

I hope you learned something new today which will make your everyday life as a developer just a bit easier. Thank you for reading!

13 Fresh and Beautiful WordPress Theme

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500 Free Icons: WPZOOM Social Networking Icon Set

Download WPZOOM Social Networking Icon Set

Jquery Zoom Plugin

jQuery gzoom plugin

Really nice image zoom plugin with the following features: click on plus and minus to zoom, drag the slider to zoom Zoom using mousewheel hover the image, Moving mouse hover the image change the pan, Click on the image to show in lightbox style

Hover Zoom

The hover zoom effect basically reverse zooms an image while fading in a label on top of it when the mouse hovers over it. It makes for a pretty slick effect which could be used on thumbnails. As always, you can check out a demo or grab the source right here if you don’t want to read the entire tutorial.

AnythingZoomer jQuery Plugin

You have a small area. You mouse over it. An area pops up giving you a zoomed in closer look. This is a jQuery plugin that does it. I’m not going to tell you what you should use it for or elaborate use-case scenarios. Your own creativity can help you there. Demo & Download



Magic Zoom™ is a JavaScript zoom tool. It’s the best way to display images in incredible.

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