gMap jQuery Plugin – Embed Custom Google Maps

gMap is a lightweight (only 2 KB in size) jQuery plugin that helps you easily embed Google maps in your web pages. gMap is very flexible, and you can customize it in many different ways by passing a JSON object (containing various custom properties) to the GMap() function.
You can specify location of your gMap object using longitude and latitude. Additional features include ability to specify which controls you want, enable or disable zooming with mouse scroll-wheel , custom marker image, multiple markers, custom viewport position, and zoom.

RS-Slider: Joomla Image Slider with Description

RS-Slider is a simple Joomla Module Slider that rotate images in a given time. It’s allow you editable the Slider Width and Height with Unlimited number of images and its descriptions, This Module Include Images and Descriptions Hyper Link to your contents.


Create Digg Like URL Submitter with JQuery PHP

Digg Like URL Submitter Using JQuery and PHP

In this tutorial show you to create something that fetching the submitted url data, some kind that many social bookmarking have, beside facebook, the other famous one is digg, auto submit when user paste an url, etc.  make the look and feel like a digg style, digg use very cool blue color combination.


CeraBox: Alternative to Fancybox

CeraBox – Alternative Lightbox for MooTools

CeraBox is alternative lightbox build on MooTools 1.3, inspired by Fancybox. CeraBox allow us to display images, SWF files or HTML  file. It can load iframes and make Ajax requests.

CeraBox can grouping images to be presented as a gallery where they can be browsed with prev-next buttons. CeraBox requires MooTools 1.3 +.

Demo & Download:

10 Frameworks Help You To Build Mobile Web Application

1. Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is one of the product of SenchaInc, the first HTML5 mobile JavaScript framework that allows developer to develop mobile web apps that look and feel native on iPhone and Android touchscreen devices. Sencha Touch built like the ExtJS component, if have some experience with ExtJS I believe it will bring the advantage for easier learning.

Download Page | View Demo

2. jQuery Mobile

I think this is the most awaited in mobile web application framework, because the popularity of jQuery, this framework is not the first but getting a lot of attention, jQuery Mobile: Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets. A unified user interface system across all popular mobile device platforms, built on the rock-solid jQuery and jQuery UI foundation. Its lightweight code is built with progressive enhancement, and has a flexible, easily themeable design.

Download Page | View Demo

3. WebApp.Net

WebApp.Net is a light weight, powerful javascript framework taking advantage of AJAX technology. It provides a full set of ready to use components to help you develop, quickly and easily, advanced mobile web applications.

Download Page | View Demo

4. DTHMLX Touch

DHTMLX Touch is an HTML5-based JavaScript library for building mobile web applications. It’s not just a set of UI widgets, but a complete framework that allows you to create eye-catching, cross-platform web applications for mobile and touch-screen devices.

Download Page | View Demo

5. jQTouch

This is not a framework but just a jQuery plugin for mobile web development on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and other forward-thinking devices. Now this project a part of Sencha Labs, the company who developing Sencha Touch. I love the default theme that have black, dark look and feel.

Download Page | View Demo

6. iWebKit

iWebKit is a file package designed to help you create your own iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad compatible website or webapp. The kit is accessible to anyone even people without any html knowledge and is simple to understand thanks to the included tutorials.

Download Page | View Demo

7. Jo HTML5 Mobile App Framework

Joapp is a UI Widget Framework With a side of DOM, event and data stuff , Open Source Under a friendly OpenBSD License , Cross Platform webOS, iOS, Android, Symbian, Safari, Chrome, Dashboard Widgets. Light and Efficient Minified JavaScript is just over 8K with no dependancies, and compatible with PhoneGap Plus most other JavaScript frameworks

Download Page

8. iUI: iPhone User Interface Framework

iUI is a framework consisting of a JavaScript library, CSS, and images for developing advanced mobile webapps for iPhone and comparable/compatible devices. iUI has the following features: Create Navigational Menus and iPhone-style interfaces from standard HTML, use or knowledge of JavaScript is not required to create modern mobile web pages, ability to handle phone orientation changes, provide a more “iPhone-like” experience in your Web apps.

Download Page

9. Sproutcore

SproutCore is an HTML5 application framework for building responsive, desktop-caliber apps in any modern web browser, without plugins.

Download Page

10. Zepto.js

Zepto.js is a minimalist JavaScript framework for mobile WebKit browsers, with a jQuery-compatible syntax. The goal: a 2-5k library that handles most basic drudge work with a nice API so you can concentrate on getting stuff done. Zepto.js is created by Thomas Fuchs the author of, the javascript user interface framework.

Download Page

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