Send Email Using PHPMailer and GMail

Here is the script :

include "phpMailer2/class.phpmailer.php";
 $mailer = new PHPMailer();
 $mailer->Host = 'ssl://';
 $mailer->Port = 465;
 $mailer->SMTPAuth = TRUE;
 $mailer->Username = '';  // Change this to your gmail adress
 $mailer->Password = 'samplexxx';  // Change this to your gmail password
 $mailer->From = '';  // This HAVE TO be your gmail adress
 $mailer->FromName = 'Your Website'; // This is the from name in the email, you can put anything you like here
 $mailer->IsHTML( true );
 $mailer->Subject = 'Your Website: ' . $subject;
 $mailer->Body = 'Name: 
‘ . $name . ‘
 $mailer->Body .= 'Email: 
‘ . $email . ‘
 $mailer->Body .= 'Message: 
‘ . $message . ‘
 $mailer->AddAddress( );  // This is where you put the email address of the person you want to mail
echo "
echo ”

Message was not sent

echo “Mailer Error: ” . $mailer->ErrorInfo;
echo ”

echo "
echo “Your message has been sent.”;
echo “
  $action = 'something';

12 Security Plugin for Joomla CMS

Below you’ll find list of useful Joomla plugins that will help you to protect your Joomla Website from external intervention that may bring you some moral and financial damage. Of course these plugins can’t guarantee you 100% protection and maybe you’ll be lucky not to face with these problems but you know that there is nothing like being on the safe side.

1.  jHackGuard – Joomla Security Plugin
jHackGuard is designed by SiteGround to protect Joomla websites from hacking attacks. Just add it to your Joomla and it will be safe against SQL Injections, Remote URL/File Inclusions, Remote Code Executions and XSS Based Attacks!

This plugin has been successfully used by SiteGround customers during the past few years. Now we make its latest version public, so that you can easily protect your Joomla site. All you need to do is to install jHackGuard and enable it – no additional configuration needed!

2. Akeeba Backup
keeba Backup Core is the successor to the now famous JoomlaPack component. In a nutshell, Akeeba Backup Core is an open-source backup component for the Joomla! CMS, quite a bit different than its competition. Its mission is simple: create a site backup that can be restored on any Joomla!-capable server. Its possibilities: endless. It creates a full backup of your site in a single archive.

3. EGuard
This is a simple extensions which will help you to security your website. The administrator will be protect by a security code. Otherwise you can define a blacklist for your site and block the BOT system to access your site.

4. Admin Tools
Admin Tools is a true Swiss Army knife for your site. Our freely available Admin Tools Core will detect, notify you and painlessly install new Joomla! releases as they are made available, fix your files’ and directories’ permissions, protect your administrator directory with a password, change your database prefix, set a secure Super Administrator ID, migrate links pointing to your old domain on-the-fly and perform database maintenance, all with a single click.

5. Site Scan
Site Scan is a standalone script providing the ability to recursively scan directories and their files to check permissions compared to the recommended settings of 755 (directories) and 644 (files).

WARNING: Before using this tool please read the project homepage and have a current backup of your site.

6. CD Login Confirmation
A simple and effective component which adds an additional layer of security to your Joomla! administration. This component sends to your e-mail address (after successfully login) a confirmation message with the security code. The administration is locked until you enter the code.

7. Anti-Hacker
OSE PHP Joomla! Anti-Hacker is a site security component help you reduce the risk of your Joomal! website being hacked, secure you private data, protect your system files from malicious codes and attacks, and largely enhance your site security.

8. Backend Token
This system plugin protects your /administrator/ folder for uninvited guests. It checks if a specific token is set in the http request. If the token in the reqeust matchs the token in the plugin parameters, the backend login is shown. Ohterwise a redirect to the frontend will happend.

9. EasyCalcCheck PLUS

Protects Joomla! core forms and 3rd party extensions through the integration of anti-spam services and adds an arithmetic problem, a hidden field and a time lock.

Supported 3rd party extensions: ALFContact, AlphaRegistration, CBE, Community Builder, DFContact, Easybook Reloaded, Flexi Contact, Job Board, JomSocial, Kunena Forum, Phoca Guestbook, QContacts und Virtuemart

Integrated anti-spam services: ReCaptcha, Akisment, Bot-Trap, Honeypot Project und StopForumSpam

10. Security Images
Ever been to a site where you had to register and the registration form required that you type in the same phrase that is found in a hard-to-read image? Joomla! has now this possibility thanks to my component com_securityimages. It will protect You against most spammers attempt.

11. kSecure
kareebu Secure is a Plugin that adds an extra layer of protection to your website. By default anyone can access the /administrator folder and see that you are running Joomla!.

With kareebu Secure enabled you can protect the /administrator folder with an extra password.

12. jomDefender
Protect your Joomla website from devastating hacker attacks with jomDefender: ‘corePHP’s’ powerful new security plugin that shields your website from hackers.

ITPConnect: Facebook Connect For Joomla

ITPConnect is a Free extension that integrates Facebook’s connection with sites based on Joomla. it’s work on Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6. ITPConnect allows users to use their Facebook accounts to access your Joomla website. The component make registrations of the new users automatically. Providing connection of Facebook’s profiles with existing ones on the website.

The extension is based on official Facebook PHP SDK and JavaScript SDK. It is a good for all web developers which want to develop Facebook applications.


20+ Free Images Slider or Content Slider Joomla Extensions

1. RS-FlashMatic Joomla Module | Demo

RSFlashMatic is a flash slideshow module. This is a Joomla Module works natively in Joomla 1.5.x environment. This is a highly customizable XML Image Rotator with more than 35 module options, including the masking size and speed. You can control the position of the elements on the screen, the number of images, as well as the colors – all from module parameter settings. You can use this module in any size you need

2. EMI SlideNews Joomla Module | Demo

EMI SlideNews is a powerful slider module with EMI SlideNews your can display Latest news intro a beautiful and user-friendly slider.

EMI SlideNews is an adaptation of the SlideDeck Free JavaScript based Content Slider

– control width and height
– working with ie8,firefox,safari,chromo

3. BonckoSlideShow Joomla Plugin | Demo

Add SlideShowPro gallery to you article or ligtbox just writing {bonckoslideshow}/foto/{/bonckoslideshow}.
Each subfolder becomes an album with its own soundtrack (if you like). But if ou prefers you can get photos from Picasa and Flick

I develop only the plugin ant that is free but you have to buy SlideShowPro to remove Green S
Video support will be avaiable asap

4. Vinaora Slick Slideshow Joomla Module | Demo

Fashionable flash + image slideshow with slick navigation and design, fully customizable from back-end, with a motion blur effect on image transition. The gallery navigation bar changes its color based on the displayed photo colors.

– Include demo slideshow
– Easy to config
– Easy to use
– Nice Effect

5. Yt Content Slick Slider Joomla Module | Demo

Yt Content Slick Slider is a great module for Content Component in Joomla. The module supports a lot of options for you to configure to your idea, 2 themes, 2 layouts and 25 effects, your website looks better.

– 2 Themes : Wood theme and Black theme
– 24 Effects
– Show articles in Categories or Sections
– Support to show the front-page articles
– Support SEO (Search engine optimization)

6. HOT Joomla Gallery | Demo

The “HOT Joomla Gallery” module by is a fully configurable, simple gallery module, based on jQuery.

In module parameters, you have control over module display. You can change width, height, borders. Module colors are configurable (background color, font color, tabs color).

# LOAD JQUERY: Select wheter to load jQuery library or not. If your template already loads it, you may disable this to avoid possible javascript errors.
# FOLDER: Where your images are stored, relative to Joomla root directory.

7. Vinaora Cu3er Joomla Module | Demo

Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slide-show is a free Joomla! module (Joomla! extension) to show images in 3D Flash Slide-show. It has been conceived to create amazing 3D transition between slides. You can setup different transition effects for each slide and set their duration or delay. The different UI elements like next/back arrows and the pre-loader icon can be customized as well.

Vinaora Quber 3D Slide-show is another name of Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slide-show.

8. Nivo-Szaki Slider Joomla Module | Demo

Nivo Slider is a lightweight jQuery slideshow module.

* easy of use
* supports .jpg and .png
* supports linking images
* built in directional and control navigation
* keyboard navigation
* hover control
* built-in styles
* optional caption, link with every single image
* sound FX
* 11 unique transition effects

9. Easy Slider Joomla Module | Demo

Easy Slider Pro for Joomla!

Main features:

– Ajax slider (SEO friendly!)
– Full W3C validated code
– Numeric navigation and Next/Prev buttons navigation
– Automatic sliding
– Continuous motion
– Separate CSS file
– You can change colors and slider dimensions directly from admin zone!

10. DS Banner Slider Joomla Module | Demo

DS Banner Slider, Scroll your banner! So why do we need to create another banner slider, well we know there’s just so many banner slider out there that can do the tricks for you, but sometimes we would just love to use the banner component as a purpose of slideshow for simple use of unlink slideshow. Don’t get me wrong on this, this banner is as powerful as a lot of slider out there. For example there’s just endless parameter you can setup upon the back-end panel.

This module was inspire by open-lab:Matteo Bicocchi, special thanks for his jquery mb.scrollable plugin, we had modify his code a bit and transform it into joomla modules.

11. Simple Picture Slideshow Joomla Plugin | Demo

The “Simple Picture Slideshow” plugin for Joomla!1.5 and Joomla!1.6 is a – as the name says – simple plugin to display a slideshow in content items. The images get faded out, this effect works with current major browsers. You decide if the slideshow starts automatically on pageload or is started by clicking a link/button in the content item.

– supports .jpg, .png und .gif
– can be aligned in your content item left, right, centered, float left or float right
– as many slideshows per content item as you want
– every sldieshow can be configured individually (Parameter Overrides)
– optional show title and/or text with every single picture (Captions)

12. SO News Module | Demo

So News Items is a module allow you use to display articles as a slideshow,  switch on/off image display. It is a scrolling new way to display sections, categories, or content on your Joomla site visually.

It is a beautiful module that puts great captions in Joomla, built in JQuery framework.

13. Vt dualSlider Joomla Module | Demo

Vt dualSlider Module is a great module which is easy to configure and use. You can use this module to high-light some articles in categories or sections.

– Support all browsers
– Show articles in categories or sections
– Show front-page articles
– Support SEO setting
– Auto play or stop
– Limit the number of article
– Enable / Disable Jquery

14. HOT Image Slider Joomla Module | Demo

Fully configurable, simple image rotator, based on jQuery. In module parameters, you have control over module display. You can change width, height and border size. Also, you can enable or disable image titles, image descriptions and navigation buttons. You can add internal or external link to each image in rotation. Module colors are also configurable (background, description text and buttons).

This module is cross-browser compatible, tested on IE6+, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari.

15. Yt Content Slide Show | Demo

Vt CodaSlider Module is a simple module which is easy to configure and use. You can use this module to high-light some articles in categories or sections.

– Support all browsers
– Show articles in categories or sections
– Show front-page articles
– Support SEO setting
– Auto play or stop
– Limit the number of article
– Enable / Disable Jquery

16. DJ Image Slider | Demo

The DJ-Image Slider extension allows you to display image slides with title and short description linked to any menu item or url address.

Component features:
create categories for your slides
link it to your menu item or any URL
add the description that will overlay the image (can be disabled in module’s settings)
upload images easily

Module features:
select if module should work with dj-imageslider component or as standalone (images from folder)
select slider’s type (horizontal, vertical, fade)
select the category of images to be displayed

17. joSlider Joomla Module | Demo

A module for Joomla that allows use the script SlideDeck.

This module includes a free version of SlideDeck.

You can use your professional license, it suffices to indicate the path of the professional version.

We do not support the script SlideDeck.

New : add smart layout

18. JT SlideShow Joomla Module

JT SlideShow is a lightweight (jQuery) slideshow module. Its implementation is based on the jQuery Cycle Plugin by M. Alsup.

With JT SlideShow, you can…
specify one image folder or images from any location
assign captions and urls to images
make linkable images
choose the target window
select transition effect from 27 different effects
set timeout, speed, delay time, auto-pause, auto-stop, and etc. for transitions
make more than one slide show in one page
show navigation bar
show pagination bar

19. RS Slider Joomla Module | Demo

RS Slider is a simple Joomla Module Slider that rotate images in a given time.


– Editable Slider Width and Height
– Unlimeted number of images and its descriptions
– Description Position Option
* Top
* Bottom
– Editable CSS style
– Include Images and Descriptions Hyperlink

20. Ytc Content Slider Joomla Module | Demo

Ytc Content Slider is a module for content component in Joomla. We have researched a lot of modules to have this module. It filters the image in article and show them as slideshow. You can use this module to show your specify articles which you want to highlight to your customers.

– Support all browsers (IE, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, …)
– Effects: Fade, Horizontal, Vertical
– Support Multi-Module in the same page
– Support Multi-Language
– Show articles in Categories or Sections
– Support to show the front-end articles

21. LV Enhanced Image Silder Joomla Module | Demo

The LV Enhanced Image Silder is a “Fire and Forget” Slider.
Insert your images in a folder and instantly slide all of them.
There are a lot of module parameters to configure it.

The Features are:

* super jQuery Cycle effects
* many cool parameters
* just 30kb JavaScript filesize (thanks to compression)
* colors can be ajusted
* has a navigation and index
* navi on / off features
* images can be opend in modalbox

22. Lof ArticlesSlideShow Joomla Module | Demo

The module is the most eye-catching way to display featured articles in the slide show, The module usually put in the top of the main content. With many animations supported and have an easy to control the module displaying via simple parameters, you can do everything as you like and let your client see Your Site In a impression way.

* Support both Joomla! 1.5 Native and Joomla 1.6 Native.
* Play slideshow with many directions such as horizontal, vertical direction (and more) mootools 1.1 and 1.2 framework.
* Allow display the list of articles from one or many categories.
* Customize User CSS formatting, allow override css in default template.
* Lightweight, modern and fast-loading design.

gMap jQuery Plugin – Embed Custom Google Maps

gMap is a lightweight (only 2 KB in size) jQuery plugin that helps you easily embed Google maps in your web pages. gMap is very flexible, and you can customize it in many different ways by passing a JSON object (containing various custom properties) to the GMap() function.
You can specify location of your gMap object using longitude and latitude. Additional features include ability to specify which controls you want, enable or disable zooming with mouse scroll-wheel , custom marker image, multiple markers, custom viewport position, and zoom.

RS-Slider: Joomla Image Slider with Description

RS-Slider is a simple Joomla Module Slider that rotate images in a given time. It’s allow you editable the Slider Width and Height with Unlimited number of images and its descriptions, This Module Include Images and Descriptions Hyper Link to your contents.


Create Digg Like URL Submitter with JQuery PHP

Digg Like URL Submitter Using JQuery and PHP

In this tutorial show you to create something that fetching the submitted url data, some kind that many social bookmarking have, beside facebook, the other famous one is digg, auto submit when user paste an url, etc.  make the look and feel like a digg style, digg use very cool blue color combination.


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