jQuery Navigation Plugin


jBreadCrumb is a jQuery plugin to display the breadcrumb navigation in a way that is more flexible and more intelligent. As the length of a short menu that may be very long and commonly used methods for this problem is to limit the amount used to the menu. It makes a neat interface and better navigation tools usability & SEO.

Background-Position plugin

This plugin was written by Jonathan Snook who got inspiration After reading Dave Shea’s article on CSS sprites using jQuery to Produce animation effects. Position background image in the menu will change with animated effects. Animation effects will appear when users move their mouse over and out of navigation.

jQuery ListNav Plugin

ListNav is a jQuery plugin for creating alphabetical navigations from lists. Once configured, a customizable (via CSS) navigation bar appears above the list, displaying letters from A to Z. When a letter is clicked, the items that start with that letter is displayed.ListNav works great on long lists. It supports multiple lists on the same page. And it has been tested on IE6, IE7, Firefox 2 and 3 (Windows and Mac), Safari (Windows and Mac).

The iPod Drilldown and Flyout Styles Menu System

“The Search iPods and Flyout Menu Styles System” can be used to create a simple dropdown menu for a list of options, flyout menu for smaller hierarchical list of menu options in which the child’s parents appear on the menu on mouseover atas.Mereka provides navigation Easy of complex nested structures with a number of levels. Also built on the ability to customize the menu display, including the active and hover states, with a passing grade as an option.


Jeegoocontext is a jQuery plugin allows us to create customized context menu. This plugin can turn your list into a multi-level unordered. Some context menu can be made on the same page and they can be customized via CSS. It has a customizable time delays for the submenu-value ‘missing that makes them easier browsing. Plugin also has a solution to not allow overwrite Opera right click & worked with him as well.

jQuery Magic Line Navigation

jQuery Magic Line Navigation features highlights from several species (background or underscore) to follow you around as you mouse over the different links in the navigation. Thus, the line of “magic” will only be added via JavaScript. Once added to the list and style, as you mouse over the links that are different, the number of positions and animates the left and width to match.


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