iRadeo: Free Online MP3 / Radio Player Script

iRadeo is a free Free open source MP3 player and online radio streaming platform. Start streaming your mp3 files, it’s easy. This online radio application automatically detects and streams the files that are uploaded to a specified directory.

* Streams – Supports both MP3 and WAV file formats
* Auto-Detects – Auto detect MP3 file information through the ID tags (both ID3v1 and ID3v2) and will display in the player
* Customization – Easy to customize through a single CSS file
* Embed – Easly allow listeners to embed your player on their site with just few lines of code
* Shuffle – Option to allow files to stream randomly (no file from same single artist or album will be played twice in a row)
* Limit Skips – Option to limit number of skips allowed per session.
* Auto-Play – Option automatically start streaming once page is loaded



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