iwebkit: create high quality iPhone and iPod touch websites

Iwebkit is the revolutionary kit used to create high quality iPhone and iPod touch websites in a few minutes and is based on an LGPL license. In the first 4 months of it’s existance the pack has greatly evolved from a basic idea to a project that has reached worldwide fame!

Here is a sneak peak of what’s new:

  • Your creations load 25% faster by reducing and optimizing the code
  • The easy tutorials and code now has become even simpler by reducing the size of the HTML documents by 20%
  • Awsome new and advanced features offered by no pack in the world like a custom popup and iphone-style form elements
  • A whole new website focusing on ease of use and support with a complete new design and a forum.

What is iWebkit

iWebKit is a file package designed to help you create your own iPhone and iPod Touch compatible website or webapp. The kit is accessible to anyone even people without any html knowledge and is simple to understand thanks to the included tutorials. In a couple of minutes you will have created a full and profesional looking website.

What makes iWebkit the best

iWebKit is a great tool because it is very easy to use, extremely fast, compatible & extendable. It is simple html that anyone can edit contrary to some other very complicated solutions based on ajax. Simplicity is the key!

How to use iWebKit

Developing with iWebKit is the easiest way to create your own website. It is just copy and paste! You can extend iWebkit by adding themes and plugins customizing it the way you want to. The possibilities are infinite. Try it now!

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3 Responses

  1. This is the best post I ever read, I will bookmark this, thx!

  2. thanks for your comment….

  3. Hi
    Genius Nice post.
    Whats the best approach to test iwebkit application.is the testing approach with simulator fine?


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