Vista Vs. Linux … The search battle

Hello people, at this blog, i am just giving some search results that are reflected back by Google and yahoo on some nice keywords regarding Vista and Linux…

Jet Set… Go…

  • Who is Greater
    “Vista is great”
    137,000,000 results from Google
    51,400,000 results from Yahoo

    “Linux is great”
    165,000,000 results from Google
    48,500,000 results from Yahoo

  • Which has more bugs
    “Vista has bugs”
    18,200,000 results from Google
    4,920,000 results from Yahoo

    “Linux has bugs”
    69,700,000 results from Google
    9,710,000 results from Yahoo

  • Who suck more ??
    “Vista sucks”
    2,340,000 results from Google
    6,530,000 results from Yahoo

    “Linux sucks”
    2,290,000 results from Google
    5,180,000 results from Yahoo

  • Stability
    “Vista is Unstable”
    1,720,000 results from Google
    2,020,000 results from Yahoo

    “Linux is unstable”
    2,100,000 results from Google
    2,430,000 results from Yahoo

  • Who use what
    “I use Vista”
    461,000,000 results from Google
    118,000,000 results from yahoo

    “I use Linux”
    450,000,000 results from Google
    146,000,000 results from Yahoo

  • Which is secure
    “Vista is secure”
    62,000,000 results from Google
    21,700,000 results from Yahoo

    “Linux is secure”
    119,000,000 results from Google
    30,600,000 results from yahoo

Amazingly, according to Google, there are more Vista users, while according to Yahoo, there are more Linux users.
One thins is clear, no doubt that Linux has much more bugs than Vista, but still people think that Linux is great than Vista.


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