Javascript: OnMouseOver – OnMouseOut

A simple image link which changes upon placing placing the mouse over the image.

OnMouseOver is reasonable universal after IE4, I even believe it should work in the new Netscape engine.

What You’ll Need:
1) 2 images, preferably the same size (for asthetic purposes)
2) basic text editor (Notepad or equivalent)

-The displaying will not allow all the tags so replace * by < and $ by >.

The Code:

*title$onMouseOver JavaScript*/title$
*script language="Javascript"$
if (document.images)
preimage = new Image
afterimage = new Image
preimage.src = "image1.gif"
afterimage.src = "image2.gif"
*a href=""

*img src=”image1.gif” border=0 name=”roll”$*/a$

-The Javascript part of this code, needs to be placed between the head /head tags.
-The spacing of the Javascript code is important, it must be oriented as above, or VERY similar, for the code to be understood properly

*NOTE that the code is placed inside of !– – tags, the < > is incase the browser does not support Javascript, then the code inside the tags can be ignored and the page will be displayed omitting the single operation.

-preimage is the image to be displayed first the location in this source, should match the image to be displayed inside the body of your html file.
-afterimage is of course the image to be displayed while the mouse is placed over the image.

-document points to the current html page, similar to this in java.

-the image is named roll so that the images associated with the rollover effect can be preloaded in the head to associate to this name.

*most names can be changed, just be sure to change all occurances of the same name!!


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